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“How time slips away”

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Why, it seems like it was just yesterday, I was enjoying the golden glow of my youthful years. life  was so peaceful and full of sweet innocence and amazingly I was struggling to bust out of that sheltered and protected coven. Of course, the warnings and much needed advises were given, but to know-it-all; those attempted guidance felt upon deaf ears-“what was there to worry about’ I was destined for great accomplishments”.

All accomplishments were met but one; finding my true love who I fell in love with since I was fourteen years. It was the most illusive love affair I have ever experienced—it’s was like “Now, you see it, now, you don’t, here you have it, there you don’t”.  Even though we loved each other deeply, there were many strong interferences that finally tore and kept us apart.

In due time, we were split asunder and positionally place in separate hemisphere of the world; we accepted our fate or grief, and progress with our lives.  We had both got married, I did twice, but could never found that sweet solstice.  However, I raised and enjoyed my beautiful and successful family that I love very much and I am proud of.

Many years have passed, and those marriages have dissolved and we are finally enjoying our empty nests which are most peaceful to us individually.  Presenting, we are still young accomplishing entrepreneurs; and fate has once again turned up at our door, we found each other through one of these social internet communities, Rogl.
We still live in worlds apart, but skype is accomodating,
I asked myself –Is this real? –Does Real Love truly exist?
“My God, you are Love”, Let me know.
Many (95%) of our persecutors have passed; Time has slip away, but our Love still remains.




Written by ThunderChica

July 9, 2011 at 8:40 pm

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