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Company- Gross disrespect of its staff

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I, ME thereby knowingly present myself, a disciplined, true and honest business professional who will not allow no officer of this company to address me in a common fashion as malign in the workplace. There will be no sarcasm or any display of gross disrespect toward my work ethics.

There is no questionable aspect in my business dealing, because I have display honest practices in my business transactions, and shown authenticity of my financial management–Therefore any behavior outside of fair and commendable respect in any business correspondence, it will be consider harassment or office bullying and will be noted as such, since there is a No Tolerant Ordinance in article 15a,sect12v,
Incidents: January 10, 2017 Ms Dry Bones commented “Who signed Ricoh contract” it was said the most demeaning with total disrespect and sarcasm. to which I respond : “Are you asking me that question?”
January 27, 2017, I was contacted again which the same ricoh issue, I was addressed in a thunderous tone of disrespect ,” that Dry claimed that she is not arguing but she would not signed it”   to which I reminded her that is no place for argument since she holds an legal document in her hand.  I reminded her, that I do not argue in business deal especially in legal binding articles–nor do I argue religious opinions. in USA the 5th amendment right –says as a naturalize citizen i am given 100% right. I am not 3/5 human being –
 I will exercise my rights to adjure the spirit of persecution in Dry Bones and Short Stub to take your hands off God’s property–“ME” and be disintegrate and nil late in the unblemished blood of Lord Jesus Christ.
Later that day, I was addressed by Short Stub (new Executive Director), who continuously implying that he does not received any response from us (Old Boss and I ) that  he requested –a blatant lie–see all email correspondence to his every requests. he yelled “you are just talking” to which I matched his bellowing and alerted to WAIT -let me get my folder to provide you with further detail as you requested.
He calmed down and eventually asked how “how is your day going” to which I replied ” Great”.
he pleasantly said ” If i don’t talk to you again ” Have a great weekend” to which I replied “you too, have a great weekend”
I am, what God say I AM, I am the Head and not the tail, I am the Winner not the loser.
I am bless not curse, I am light not darkness.
Everything that’s  negativeness  in my life, shall bring life and begin to bear branches and fruits.
Jer 30: 16-17
vs 16:Therefore all they that devour thee shall be devoured; and all thine adversaries every one of them shall go into captivity; and they that spoil thee shall be a spoil, and all that prey upon thee will I give for a prey
vs 17: For I will restore health unto thee and I will heal thee of thy wounds, saith the Lord because They called thee an Outcast, saying, this saying whom no man seeketh after.

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January 28, 2017 at 10:45 am

What Jesus wrote on the ground?

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What Jesus wrote on the ground ?
Jesus recognizes immediately that it is a set-up—–Jesus lay his life down on Good Friday for the GUILTY, and set us free at CALVARY. In his death, we have received freedom and his righteousness–right standing with God.

Jer 17:13,—-they that depart from me shall be written in the earth, because they have forsaken the Lord, the fountain of living waters
The scribes and Pharisees approach Jesus and present the dilemma. The woman is undoubtedly guilty of adultery, and according to the Law of Moses she should be punished by death. But this cannot be done, since the Roman overlords have stripped Jewish leaders of the power to execute a criminal. What is to be done?
Jesus recognizes immediately that it is a set-up. He knows that if he pronounces the sentence of death on the woman, he is flouting Roman law. If he lets her off, he is flouting the Law of Moses. What is he to do?
Instead of answering, Jesus does something unexpected – always a good ploy. He bends down and writes with his finger on the stone paving of the courtyard. What is he writing? Nobody knows. There have been many erudite theories on the subject, many clever suggestions, but no real answer.
The point is that he uses the time it took to write, and the act of writing, to unnerve his adversaries – and possibly to give himself time to think of a response, or calm his anger. Remember that he was man as well as God, with all a normal human being’s doubts and uncertainties. Many people doodle when they are upset or deep in thought – perhaps he was one of them.
He may also have been trying to avoid confrontation by pretending to ignore it, another common human ploy.
But the questioners are not to be put off. They keep on demanding an answer, until Jesus straightens up and faces them. Then he says the direct, devastating words that have shaped so much of Christian thinking: ‘Let anyone among you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone.’
Then he bends down again and resumes tracing with his finger on the ground.
The authority of his words and presence obviously affects them. They are silenced at last. One by one, beginning with the most respected man among them, they melt away into the gathering crowd. Eventually, Jesus is left alone with the woman still standing in front of him. He straightens up again, and speaks to her. ‘Where are your accusers?’ he asks. ‘Has no-one seen fit to condemn you?’ She simply answers ‘No-one, sir.’
‘Then I do not condemn you either’ says Jesus. ‘Go on your way, and do not sin anymore.’
Jesus does not condone what she had done, or dismiss her sin as unimportant, or understandable. He knows, and she does too, that what she has done is wrong. But he condemns the sin, not the sinner, and commands her not to sin again. The woman is called to change, but the message is aimed directly at each one of us.

The pardoned woman, is now called, the Church of the Living God, The Body of Christ: she replied in: ” Jer 17: 14 Heal me, O lord, and I shall be healed: save me and I shall be saved , for thou art my praise.
The story falls into two sections:
1 The scene is set, with time and place (John 8:2-3) It is early morning, and Jesus is at the Temple, ready to teach whoever comes to listen to him. Some respected Jewish leaders bring a woman to him. She has been found guilty of adultery. Jesus was known to preach forgiveness. Would he condemn this woman, or let her go? After all, adultery was a serious sin that damaged herself, her children, her family, and the community.
2 The dilemma, and Jesus’ response (John 8:4-11) The leaders (scribes and Pharisees) challenged him to find a solution to a problem: what was to be done with this woman, who had been found guilty of adultery, a capital crime? Jesus did not question her guilt, neither did he condone it. He enigmatically refused to speak, but instead wrote in the gravel. Then he straightened up, looked at the crowd of accusers and said ‘Let he who is without sin cast the first stone’. In essence, he was asking them to examine their own consciences. One by one the crowd melted away. Jesus told the woman to go, and not to sin again.
Faith Kennedy Ephesians 5:32 This is a great mystery, but I speak concerning Christ and the Church–[The Body of the Living God].
Agatha von Devry In order for the church to display the multifarious wisdom of God to the enemy and to the whole universe, Christ Himself became wisdom from God to us as righteousness, sanctification, and redemption.
ThunderChica After being born again with the divine life, all the believers in Christ are in the process of being sanctified: their old element is being discharged and God’s new element, His holy life and nature, is being added to their being little by little and day by day so that they would be inwardly transformed with God’s life.
Eventually, all the believers in Christ will be transfigured by God through the redemption of their body by Christ, as He fully saturates their being with His divine life.The result is that God gets a corporate expression and through the church He manifests His multifarious wisdom to the enemy, thus defeating him and putting him to shame.It is easy to corrupt someone and then destroy him as Satan did, but it is not that easy to take someone who has been usurped and corrupted, and make him one with God and even the same as God in life and nature but not in the Godhead. This is what God is doing now.
The result is that God gets a corporate expression and through the church He manifests His multifarious wisdom to the enemy, thus defeating him and putting him to shame.


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January 11, 2017 at 2:50 am

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By His stripes, we are healed

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June 18, 2009

Marie fell in love at 14 years old, her first kiss was her last, because she and her love was found kissing and a few months later she was sent to United States of America (USA).  Marie and her long-lost love re-united June 18, 2009, thirty-seven (37)years later.

She had married twice(all provisional marriages), she has two children
and a few grandchildren, whom she loved dearly–They are her heart,s desire.
Marie has been searching for her dear father forever.
My mother does not love her, but her heavenly father and her earthly father
love and cherish her.

10/30/09  Friday:                                                                                                                                             In this undone and untold generation who will deliver her?
When is one done? when one is out of this world and has been baked in the hot oven of life – then you are matured in the word-“ye must be born again’ one is capped off by the headstone-Jesus Christ (Grace) bloodline is following through you-a citizen in the kingdom of God.
You are done – (Grace & Mercy) Jesus Christ does his works through you in simplicity. You are nothing. Nothing, Nothing besets you – Nothing!

You are now a cross back carrying the cross of the crucified life of our Savior, our Redeemer who remits sin, pray for the sick, cast demons out, prophesy again (to kindred and tongues) to family and friends and as far off as the Lord Jesus Christ would call.

You do everything for the kingdom of God every twiddle, every mark counts to all eternity; Do it for Christ sake – you will receive your rewards in heaven.

You are sold out to Christ – baking in the oven of life turned into a Golden Brown loaf-“Bread of Life”.
The field is white and the reapers are here to reap the harvest.
Stay my friends and the oven of life will dry you out from your green behaviors so that you can turn into a golden ripe harvest and the life of Christ will shine through your life.

Grace and judgement at the same time.  The same water that save Noah and his family, is the same water that drown the entire world.
The same fiery trials of this oven of life that baked you will be the same fire that burned the tares of this world.

2 Peter 1: 4-11

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December 31, 2010

Marie Story – Part 1:  “Marie  and the Gringos lives in Campo Village, Mexico.”

“Can a Mother’s tender care cease toward the child she bears”.

Today is Marie’s mother’s birthday,  a mother she knows not, and remembers only the brief encounters of her father, neither parents took any care of her, even though they are both alive and are sound-minded and able-bodied.

Both, felt that the  responsibilities of child rearing was too much for them and would have limited them in their aspiring careers. her father was a certified doctor/pharmacist/hospital administrator. and her mother was an aspiring mother/housewife to another man.
Well, this poor comfortless soul was left to the grace of God, and the mercy of  relatives. Boys are acceptable in this darkened belief of their culture, so her brother got along just fine, but the girl suffered much torment and went through some turbulence times.
At eight  years old, her sorrows began,she was sent to her grandmother’s village and upon her arrival, she was stripped of all her pride girlish possessions, all her valuables.

Until that point, she was treated like daddy’s little princess.
At birth, her daddy loves her so much, that he had prepared for her arrival, he ordered and bought her baby stuff from American catalogs; at her christening, she had three sets of angelic outfits in her  arrays-all purchased by her daddy-she is his only girl child, and he was certainly the proud father.

At times, it seemed like her mother was jealous of her baby girl for gaining all the attention which was switched from her to the newborn; well, that did not last long, as soon as she could do something about it, she buried the child alive, before she was two years old.

Luckily for Marie, an older Mexican woman detected her mother’s disdain and kept an eagle eye on the family. As soon as this incident had occurred, she had promptly called Marie’s father and had him dug up the child within seconds of this horrendous act.

Her mother had no explanation for her behavior, she just sat in the mud and stared blankly; her father was confused, as he gathered his child and took her back to his hospital and comforted her. He nursed her under his protection from that day, and never let her out of his parental watch, until she was eight  years old

Marie;s father accepted a rewarding job which  required some years of medical training in USA.  he placed Marie in the care of her mother who was remarried and was pregnant with the  firstborn for her new marriage, it’s seemed like a secured home for his daughter.

Marie’s mother family comforted him that everything will be fine–but after his departure to USA, within weeks everything felt apart.

Marie’s mother had been rushed to the hospital with birth-pains and instead of comforting his wife, her step-father demanded his wife to get rid of Marie.  God sent her aunt in the nick of time, to prevent this unspeakable act.

That day was July xx, when Jade, Marie brother was birth.
Maria was taken out of the home that same day, she stayed with aunt who took her to a small village called Campo.

News traveled fast and the country folks were settled with their version of this mishap.
Her mother and her baby brother had  journeyed and stayed in the village for an overly extended time at her grandparents home.
Her mother wanted a divorce and Marie endured several beating  for every little thing that went wrong; whether, it was her fault or not; she was whipped often with a tangled ropes, which has several threads and left her ugly brands all over her entire body from head to toe.

One time, she was falsely accused for stealing some prunes (dried plums) and she whipped from morning to-night, her eyes, her lips, her forehead were swollen and blotched, she had no feelings in her fingers which they held and whipped constantly. That night she slept hungry, but it did not matter as long as they left her alone–she was satisfied.
In the dark of that night, she felt a huge body clutching her, it was her older brother, Tito reaching out to console her. he admitted that he ate the prunes and had shared it with his friends, but he got home too late to take the blame.  He said he was sorry and he will confessed to this mischievous prank.

“Born to lose” was a song, her mother sang often, when she was pregnant with Maria, she realized then that ‘that song maybe her mother’s theme song for life. BUT she had made up her mind at that age that she was not going to let it be; she will do everything in her God’s spirit to set a positive role for her future.  At a tender age, she knew “If God be for you, who can be against you”.  Her dear daddy was not there to save her, but her heavenly father is omnipresent, she also knew ‘who God has blessed, no man can cursed’. ‘
Many evil occurrences and frustrations had occurred in her life, but she never spoke out against it, she became like an eagle, she had all her antlers out, she watched every moves, she avoided all confrontations, she stayed out of sight at every cost, she gave up all earthy possessions or wanting to have or own them;  and she did not let it matter to her in the least and in the end it did not.

She held herself in high-esteem against all threatening and condemnation.
She could not and did not pouted nor complained, even if, it was her God-given right, she knew not to do it, otherwise she would be severely punished, she had already encountered near many death experiences.

There were no childhood days for this poor child, she was responsible for babysitting the newborn babies while the older women go about their business, shopping in the city, or just visiting old friends. She was the live-in maid.

At ten years, she had  become an expert home-maker, her family had settled their difference and her mother relatives had benefit tremendously from having Marie around the home.

Eventually, Marie was ordered to stay and lived with her mother relatives and they denied her daddy right to raising her upon his return to Mexico. Her poor papa (Jose), lost his drive for everything but agreed, thinking it was best, he could not correspond with Marie neither, they lost contact of each other because he respected Marie’s  mother wishes.

Many years passed, as Marie continued in this horrible lifestyle, she was fearful for her life, and stayed out of sight every opportunity given. This worked out well for her, she hid under the dining room table and read thousands of books, as she escaped in her make-believe world where there were only loving, courteous and simple people lived.

At 14 years, my life changed again, there were many children to take care of; and many exams to passed in high school and less time to daydream, then came her aunt, the nurse, had returned from “Keriba region, but she was travelling for New York in a month,she had married to a doctor, and had one baby boy named Todd.

Her aunt stayed in the village before going to New York, USA.  That month spent with her aunt accounted for some of the best times in her life; she brought many beautiful clothing and teenage luxuries for Marie who loved them all, she did a makeover for Marie and they went  in search of her daddy and eventually found him, in a faraway island called Neveno.  All was well!!!.  She wished it had never ended, but her aunt had to leave and it all changed again. It became harsher than before.

Marie was stripped of all the beautiful items again, when her aunt left,  Todd was left Marie’s care. Her aunt (Lourdes) was an amazing person. she sent money every month from New York City. she even included an allowances for Marie, who deposited it in account, her aunt had opened for her.
Life had become unbearable, my grandmother strike out more often due to old age and fatigue; Maria was her target since she was the live-in maid tending to the smaller children.

She thought about running away, many times, even though she had money, she was not allowed to spend it, plus she did not know how to travel. Her dad was threatened to stay away again.  Once again, he yielded to these women demand.

Marie grew tired of the unfair treatment from all women, especially the older women.           she had lost all respect for them, she thought that they lacked mere common sense, never wisdom and understanding, they were very emotionally and spiteful, and most of all, some of them were notorious liars.

She remained subdued but very observant, she patiently waited for an opportunity to escape from this bunch; both people and place. she did not care where she went, once it was faraway from anyone that she knew.  She did not care if she never looked upon their faces again.  However, she maintained that meek and lowly disposition, forgiving all, even the kids, for she was a kid herself.

As the years passed, her mother’s wealth increased in great abundant and she treated her beautiful children with much nurturing and tender care. Marie admired her, she was a very beautiful woman who loves her children dearly.  She was very intelligent and sophisticated. Marie’s admiration for her mother grew tremendously, for she loved her elegant lifestyle, even though she felt her mother’s frosty indifference, which singled her out. By the time Marie was fifteen years old, it was apparent to her that her mother uncaring behavior toward her would not change.

When her mother’s family visited, they came with gifts and presents for all.  Children in the neighborhood gathered around with outstretched hands and so was Maria. Her older brother usually received a handsome stash of money from their step-father and his gifts were magnificent, as he pridefully walked away with a chestful of goodies. The recognized family member of the family..

On one occasion, Marie was left standing there with her friends, as her mother handed her friends goodies but overlooked her.
Marie decided that, that was done purposely as she walked away, feeling hurt and despised.  Her mother called her back, but she left claiming an urgency in completing some chores
Later that night she overheard my stepfather rebuking her mother on her hardened behavior toward Marie, he said “Nancy don’t think that, that child don’t know that you don’t love  her, she is not a foolish child.” her mother argued her way out, saying that Marie had chores to do.

After their discussion, her mother went looking for Marie to console herself, that all was well; but Marie pretended to be asleep, because she knew that her mother’s true feelings toward her.  Finally she fell asleep which spared both of them any ill feelings.  The next day, Nancy brought some presents for Marie, but it meant nothing, so when her mother departed, Marie parted those presents among my friends who did appreciated them more than she did.

Marie never hated her mother, she will always love her and admire her, hopefully someday she maybe loved by her. Marie have always admired her mother “That Classy Lady, who shows deep and stirring emotions”, for as much as she has loved her other children is as much as she has hated Marie, a black ugly child that she had borne. “What an irony”
But Marie prayed continuously to her heavenly father, God Almighty through Jesus Christ, to grow and mature into a beautiful bronze woman, an earth angel full of love, compassion and beauty (within and displayed openly); to be full of wisdom, grace and possessed simple common sense: Most of all, she prayed to be merciful to others when it’s needed.
Now, Marie is a matured woman, who needs no parental love, it’s her turn to love to her children each and every day, she prays for love to flow from within-gushing out like her heavenly Father loves her without limitation or reservation.

Special thanks and love to all who helped in nurturing this beautiful masterpiece of a remarkable woman. Marie survived the tyranny of her childhood years and has been triumphant over many evil and fears. At last, there is a life to admired as she shared her own testimony. She hopes that it will help someone in this life journey to heal their wounds and cast away fear.

The memoir was written from cherished memories of her brother Tito, who died of a sudden heart-attack in 1992, and her loving Aunt Lourdes who died of aneurysm in 2005, Aunt Lourdes son, Todd passed in December 2016. .

By ThunderChica, 2 peter 1: 4-11

rendition 1-11-2017

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How time slips away

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How time slips away

Why!!!  it seems like it was just yesterday, I was enjoying the golden glow of my youthful years. life  was so peaceful and full of sweet innocence and amazingly I was struggling to bust out of that sheltered and protected coven. Of course, the warnings and much needed advises were given, but to know-it-all; those attempted guidance felt upon deaf ears-“what was there to worry about’ I was destined for great accomplishments”.
All accomplishments were met but one; finding my true love who I fell in love with since I was fourteen years. It was the most illusive love affair I have ever experienced—it’s was like “Now, you see it, now, you don’t, here you have it, there you don’t”.  Even though we loved each other deeply, there were many strong interferences that finally tore and kept us apart.
In due time, we were split asunder and positionally place in separate hemisphere of the world; we accepted our fate or grief, and progress with our lives.  We had both got married, I did twice, but could never found that sweet solstice.  However, I raised and enjoyed my beautiful and successful family that I love very much and I am proud of.
Many years have passed, and those marriages have dissolved and we are finally enjoying our empty nests which are most peaceful to us individually.  Presenting, we are still young accomplishing entrepreneurs; and fate has once again turned up at our door, we found each other through one of these social internet communities, Rogl.
We still live in worlds apart, but skype is accomodating,
I asked myself –Is this real? –Does Real Love truly exist?
“My God, you are Love”, Let me know.
Many (95%) of our persecutors have passed; Time has slip away, but our Love still remains.


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Hello world!

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